Thursday, 24 December 2015

Ford Puma - Severely Rusting Rear Wheel Arches

One unfortunate design fault on the Ford Puma is a severe lack of rust resistance especially on the rear arches which tend to rust on almost every car. The rust on a 5 to 10 year old Ford Puma is often worse than that on my 26 year old VW Golf MK2 which was very well galvanised.

Ford Puma Rusting Rear Arches
Ford Puma Rusting Rear Arches

Unfortunately for a permanent repair the only solution is to cut out the rusting metal and weld in new parts that will not rust in future. Ford Puma rear panels are no longer available but fortunately Peugeot 206 front wings are a perfect match to the shape.

Ford Puma Rusting Rear Arches
Ford Puma - serious Rust on Rear Arches

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