Wednesday, 2 September 2015

New Car V5C Not Received

I bought my Ford Puma on 20th July but haven't yet received the new V5 in my name. According to the DVLA you should wait 4 weeks to receive your new V5C. I've checked the vehicle status on the Gov website using the link and this shows that the change of owner hasn't been received.

You can see when the last V5 was issued and if it isn't recent then the change hasn't been processed. If the date is shown correctly then it just means the V5 has been lost in the post to you and has been recorded on their system.

To get the new V5 I need to send the small green slip along with a V62 application form to DVLA. There is no fee if you've not had a V5 in your own name for the car.

Update - I later found that DVLA had entered the address incorrectly and the V5 had been sent to the wrong address. One advantage of the new online system is that you can check it yourself!

New Car V5C Not Received
New Car V5C Not Received

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