Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Ford Puma Millennium Update

I managed to arrange some time to be able to collect the Puma Millenium edition (I wonder why Ford use the name Millenium rather than the correct spelling Millennium?) and it's now back home in the garage.

The car has 118,000 miles so it's interesting to compare to my existing silver Puma which has a very low mileage of 69,000. The Millenium does feel a lot looser than the silver, gear change and steering both feel less precise than in the low mileage car. I know there are a few jobs I need to sort out with the car but it's nice to be able to have it back and start checking through the service history to find out what has been done over the years.

One thing I did find out was that the history includes the original sales invoice and the first owner paid over £16500 for the car! It also showed me that the number plates front and rear are still original as is the tax disc holder.

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