Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Ford Puma - Fitting Replacement Rear Bumper

The rear bumper on my Millennium edition Ford Puma had some scuff marks on one side so when a replacement bumper became available for a low price I decided it was worth swapping over. The rear bumper can be fairly easily removed. There are 4 bolts inside the boot of the car that need a deep 13mm socket to remove, there is a 7mm bolt on each side under the wheel arch and 2 Torx T25 screws that need to be removed first from the wheel arch liner to give access.

Ford Puma rear bumper removed
Ford Puma rear bumper removed
With the rear bumper off I was able to touch up a few areas of minor surface rust before getting the new bumper fitted back on. Plenty of waxoyl around to make sure that the rust doesn't return!

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