Saturday, 6 October 2018

Ford Fiesta 2008-2016 Owner's Review Buying Guide

This video review of my 2013 Ford Fiesta sums up how I found the car and the good and bad points with owning and driving it.

I originally owned Fiestas when I first started driving and had a whole series of them over around 5 or 6 years starting with a 950L that my mum owned and including these beauties!
1991 H160EPX Ford Fiesta 1.1LX owned in 1993

E652EGU Ford Fiesta 1.4Ghia 1986, owned in 1992

G464NKL Ford Fiesta 1.6S 1989

After these Fiestas I had many different cars including the Pumas on this blog but buying the Fiesta Zetec was my first drive of a Fiesta for almost 25 years so it was interesting to see how much they had changed.

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